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OPPO Find N3

OPPO Find N3

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16GB RAM + 512GB ROM

Vitality Imaging Triple-Camera System

Snapdragon 8 Gen 2

67W SUPERVOOC Flash Charge

Ultra Thin

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Michael N.
Epic Hardware, but buggy OS/Software

Hardware is well designed and very well built. All in all, no complains about it. Plenty of tech reviews and influencers are already raving about it, so no need for further fanfare.

However i felt that more can be done in the software space. The widgets are limited / very basic, and there is no rewards program for using contactless pay on phone (as compared to Apple Pay and Samsung Pay).

The worst feature for me is keyboard on the foldable main screen. Text inputs are not working for MS Teams and Discord. Even text inputs on whatsapp and MS Outlook is laggy / unresponsive.

In summary, i feel that things haven't changed much for China-made phones. since the early days of the 1st OnePlus model 10 years ago. Similar to back then, the hardware specs and hardware design are amazing. But on the inside, the apps, widgets, UI/UX, level of polish, is mediocre, perhaps even disappointing and feels sub-par compared to Samsung / Apple.

Hardware is awesome, OS/software can be improved

I love the hardware of the phone. Nice screen ratio, quite thin compared to samsung and almost creaseless inner display. They added the latest Snapdragon 8 gen 2 and 16gb of ram and 512gb of storage, which is also more than samsung's fold for the same price. I also like that they included Infrared blasters and alert sliders, which is hard to find. I also like the way the multitasking works on the inner display, the os is very well thought out. Lastly is the battery life, been getting abuot 10hours of screen on time, which is a lot, considering that that 10 hours includes me gaming for about 2 hours and i did not charge it to full 100%.

Hate the huge camera bump, takes up so much space and my fingers do not have anywhere to put without smudging the camera, also because of the thick camera bump, phone cannot be laid flat, which is especially annoying when opened. The phone's edges can be hard on the fingers especially when it's very thin and hard and metallic, which puts a lot of pressure on my fingers when holding, causing discomfort. And the hindge snaps into place, which is satisfying, but do not allow you to set it at an angle in a "laptop" position as it keeps wanting to open fully, unlike the samsung's harder to open hindge but can hold it at any angle.

As for OS/software, firstly, the biggest thing that bugged me is the double press to launch camera function. Oneplus open, which is the exact same phone has that function, and pretty sure most phones have that feature, but somehow it's still not implemented on oppo, and i had to use third party apps to get back the function. Secondly, changing from a samsung phone, I lost some feature such as individual app volume control, which was something that i use a lot, but cant fault them much for this one as pretty much only samsung phones are able to do that.

Lee E
Beyond great

Super impressed with the N3 - really a great hardware and software experience. First Oppo and very happy with experience

Software Needs to Improve

Need to update software to optimise it. Some still not very tablet friendly. When using folded it is okay, but in main screen, software needs to be improved

Alex Wong
User feedback

Need to work more on software part.